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The Beetles & Bees Gallery

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Studio photo shots: Alex Ramsay

Real-life insects photos: Roger Key

The Wildlife Roleplay Book

The Insects

Sexton burying beetle
Violet ground beetle
Minotaur dung beetle
7 Spot ladybird
Stag beetle
Ring of 7 ladybirds
7 ladybirds in conference
2 spot ladybird
14 spot ladybird
Larch ladybird
Pine ladybird
7 spot ladybird
22 spot ladybird
2 spot & Pine ladybirds
Larch & 22 spot ladybirds
7 spot ladybird larva
Orange ladybird
Orange & 14 spot ladybirds
Racing ladybirds
Swarm of ladybirds
Worker honeybee
Buff tailed bumblebee
Honeybees chatting
Red tailed bumblebee
Pair of queens
Carabus violaceus
Typhaeus typhoeus
Nicrophorus investigator
Cochinella septempunctata
Lots of 7 spots
Propylea 14 punctata
Psyllobora 22 punctata
Queen honeybee
Meet the Queen
Red Mason Bee
Osmia Rufa
Red Mason bee


LUDLOW Green Fair
Bug Farm St Davids Pembrokeshire
Somerfest TAUNTON
Hellens Hereford Wildlife Trust
Hellens Garden Fest Hereford Wildlife Trust
LUDLOW Green Fair
Somerfest TAUNTON

LUDLOW Green Fair

Meet the Hedge
Meet the Hedge
Meet the Hedge
Ludlow birds
The Mammals

Hawthorn Wildlife Web

Hawthorn at
Worthen Primary School
Worthen birds
Worthen Hawthorn Tree
Worthen Award
Worthen Fox and Mouse
Worthen Shieldbug
Worthen woodmouse
Worthen web creatures
Worthen Yellowhammer
Worthen Songthrush

The Insects at work

Ladybird day at the Curlew Centre
Minsterley Primary school
Minsterley Spothunt
Minsterley ladybirds
Pine & Larch at Minsterley
Minsterley 14 spot
Minsterley 7 spots
Minsterley Burying beetles
Eyed ladybird
Misterley found a real one
Stiperstones bees
Stiperstones Primary school
Worthen ladybirds
Worthen bees
Longden bees

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